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Do your members currently feel like they're on the winning team?

Are you facing these problems when it comes to managing your club?

Running a club can feel like a marathon

Grassroot Experience

Our founders are part of the grassroots sports scene, so understand the importance of member engagement

Wellbeing Focused

We're all about improving the welfare and wellbeing of your club's members and supporters, and our platform shows this

Built to Work for Clubs

We understand what clubs value the most due to our grassroots experience and our platform is built with that in mind

Built for People

Built utilising over a decade's worth of experience helping to improve individual and team performances

Invest in Benefits Cloud and Help Your Club Succeed

From just £5 per member annually, you’ll provide your members with incredible savings that will offset their membership fees.

You’ll also create additional funding streams with Benefits Cloud too, by offering paid sponsorship space on your platform.

Unlock the power of benefits cloud: save more, earn more, connect more

Put £££'s in Your members' Pockets

Your members and supporters will gain access to discounts that will help them save on their everyday spending, with over 2,000 offers changing daily

Encourage New Sponsors

Provide a revenue source for your sponsors allowing bespoke offers for your members, helping to justify their investment in your club

Add Value to Your Membership Offer

Attract new members with an offering of benefits and perks that will also serve to engage your existing members

Bring In Local Businesses

Get involved with businesses in your local area - sell sponsor space on Benefits Cloud to help them build their brand image

Talk to your Members Easily and Securely

Speak directly to your members and supporters in a secure online portal, keeping all news and announcements in one place

Store Your Club Documents

With secure online storage, you can centralise your documents, update them in real time, and have easy access for members

Unlock New Funding Streams

Offer sponsorship space on your Benefits Cloud platform as a way to bring in more revenue

tailored to Your club's Needs

Speak to us to find out how to get the most out of Benefits Cloud for your Club

Grab benefits from a wide range of retailers such as:

3 simple Steps

It’s easy to get started with Benefits Cloud for your club – here’s how:

1. Sign Up

Follow the simple on-screen instructions to sign up to Benefits Cloud for Clubs

2. Set Up

Add your members to the online portal and customise your platform with your own branding and information

3. Step Up

Elevate your club to new heights with your brand new Benefits Cloud Platform

Talk to the Team

If you aren’t ready to sign up, talk to one of our team to find out more about Benefits Cloud and how it can grow your club.

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