Revealing our Secret to Enhanced long-term Productivity: W+E=P Webinar

The turnout to our event: Revealing our secret to enhanced long-term productivity: W+E=P was fantastic. The event provided valuable insight into workplace wellbeing and engagement. 


We hope our audience found it beneficial and feel they have been educated on how to increase productivity in the workplace through wellbeing and engagement.

The event highlighted the importance of employers being considerate of their workforce’s wellbeing and the extent their workload is engaging.


We had some incredible and knowledgeable speakers who gave their expertise on the topics, they included:


Tracey Flannery from Pro-Development

Connor Rhodes – Health and Wellbeing Specialist

Matthew Williamson from YorkTest

Matt Wells from 50 Degrees


We would like to thank them all for attending and providing their expertise.


Check out the recording of the webinar down below to hear what they had to say!

Download the presentation: Connor Rhodes – Wellbeing Presentation


We hope you found the webinar useful and if you would like to know more about our benefits platform – click here.


Keep your eyes peeled for more webinars like this is 2023!