Employee Wellbeing: 5 ways to care for your team

Employee Wellbeing: 5 ways how to care for your team

Employee wellbeing should be a priority of all employers, it can have a detrimental effect on the wellbeing of your staff which can have an impact on your business.  A happy and healthy workforce leads to increased productivity, better results and a positive work environment. 

A survey conducted by CIPD identified 68% of respondents expressed that their organisation is actively taking steps to endorse good mental wellbeing, a decrease from the 77% who responded similarly the prior year. Approximately half believed in their company’s effectiveness when it comes to addressing workplace tension and stress (52%) (CIPD).

We believe it is important to always be looking for ways to further support your employees’ wellbeing! So, here are 5 ways how you can look after your team and help promote employee wellbeing: 

Improve Team Relationships

Ensuring team members have a positive working relationship with each other and that there is good communication between them. Encourage your team to collaborate, work together and build their trust with each other. Developing relationships between team members is an effective way of creating an enjoyable working environment which will help support employee wellbeing. 

Communicate Effectively 

Ensure that employees are listened to and feel valued in their workplace. Ensure you provide clear instructions, goals and deadlines to your team so that everyone knows what is expected from them. Give staff the opportunity to feedback on any issues or suggestions they might have, this will make them feel heard and create a greater sense of trust between management and employees.

Communicating - Employee Wellbeing Tips

Implement Flexible Working

Providing flexible working hours and the opportunity to work remotely can greatly promote employee wellbeing. Allow staff to take regular breaks throughout the day, this will help ensure that they are not overworking themselves or feeling overwhelmed with their workload. 

Flexible Working - Employee Wellbeing Tips

It is also important to encourage your team to take regular breaks and to not be afraid to ask for help if they need it. Encourage staff to take regular breaks throughout the day, this will help promote productivity in the workplace and will also help reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety. 

Provide Employees with Opportunities to Identify & Solve Workplace Problems

Allow staff to take their own initiative and identify potential problems in the workplace. Provide them with the opportunity to come up with creative solutions and ideas that can help improve efficiency and create a better working environment. This will give employees a sense of ownership, allowing them to feel valued for their contribution to the business.

Have Time for Employees to Prioritise Wellbeing 

Encourage your team to take time for themselves and prioritise their wellbeing. Allow staff to take regular breaks throughout the day, this will help them feel refreshed and relaxed when they return to work. Make sure that you provide a range of resources such as mental health, first aid training, counselling services or even mindfulness classes which can help employees manage stress levels. 

By implementing the above strategies, you can help ensure a positive and supportive working environment for your staff. This will lead to improved morale, better results and increased productivity in the workplace. Taking steps to promote employee wellbeing is essential for any organisation looking to achieve success.

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