Club Rewards By Benefits Cloud

Use Benefits Cloud to connect your Club, Sponsors and Members through secure communications, sponsorship opportunities and additional benefits to your members. The incentives are a fantastic way of encouraging memberships and loyalty to your club, organisation and association.  

By joining Benefits Cloud, you will have access to a wide range of benefits: 

For the Club

For Members

For Sponsors and Local Businesses

Some of the features that you will have access to include:

All packages Include:

Centralise Your member/support documentation in one easy to access locaiton

Access to new offers daily

Add your own Club offers

Manage and Add your own users

Your own branded benefits platform

Add your own Club news

Types Of Clubs We Support:

Sports & Leisure Clubs

By using Benefits Cloud for your sports and leisure clubs you can increase the effectiveness of your communication with your members.

Creating one central place to share the latest updates and news in the club, as well as important documents and forms such as fixtures, team selection, registration forms and safeguarding details. And don’t forget you’ll be giving them access to hundreds of amazing discounts and offers too.

Organisations & Associations

The platform isn’t just perfect for sports and leisure clubs, but also for other clubs, organisations and associations. Benefits Cloud allows you to enhance your member's experience by offering rewards and discounts! This provides an incentive and motivation for members to remain loyal to your group, growing the success of their community.

Partnering your association with Benefits Cloud will promote authority and professionalism by developing communication and the schemes you offer your members. Doing so, the platform will enhance the success and growth of the organisation as it is likely to increase its awareness and its members.

Joining your club, organisation or association with Benefits Cloud will enhance the experience of your members, encouraging their loyalty and membership!

If you don't fit into one of these clubs, don't worry! We can support anybody! Get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you!


For Clubs and NFP Membership Organisations

  • Access to new offers daily​
  • Easy to upgrade to Nimbus Package*
  • *All club member and individual upgrades available

  • or


For Clubs and Membership organisations wanting to invest in premium membership benefits

£ 3 00
per person /month
  • Everything in Stratus PLUS
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Easy upgrade to Cirrus Package
  • 30 day Free Trial
  • Access to premium benefits
  • or